R&D is one of key factors in our development. Our lab has been equipped by advanced HPLC, GC facilities, which will strictly control each batch product from our subsidiary factory. But this kind of action only occupied a little part in our R&D work, the main work is optimize current production process, work out a feasible lab-pilot-commercial production methods once the project is carried out.

Our strong technical background enables us to toll manufacture very high quality products based customer¡¯s request. Normally from the customs provide the molecular formula to lab synthesis and then carry out the pilot production scheme, our technical team will only spend 1-2 months.

Moreover, our factory owned phosgene capacity up to 20, 000mt per year, reaction vessels capacity up to 100, 000liters, including many kinds of reactors, evaporators, distillation towers, centrifuges, filtrations and drying equipments. We can assembly a special chemical unit reaction process section efficiently and begin the commercial production timely. Those kind of flexible unit reaction facilities make us preponderant on OEM special product for customers.

Also, our chemical engineering team is professional in each kind of chemical unit reaction, such as phosgenation, oxidation, catalytic hydrogenation, amination, sulfonation etc. For example, we provide technical support on phosgenation to many big pesticide plants, we can easily handle hydrogenation reaction up to 10MPa pressure, etc.

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