FFC Chemical Ltd, located in Xinyi city, Jiangsu province China, is one of Chinese outstanding crop protection material manufacturer, we are not only pride of our high quality products but also wide relationship with foreign customers and constant effort in environment compliant development.

Based on three main producing centers in China, we produce a wide range of crop protection materials, which cater to diverse demand from different regions all over the world. With a long term co-operation with multi-national companies, we are also experienced on OEM special important intermediates under secret agreement. We are also learned from them an efficient system on quality control, production operation and waste treatment.

Furthermore, we are also benefited a lot from many Chinese major agrochemical and fine chemical companies¡¯ trust and support. We maintain a good co-operation with them on international market. Using our distribution channel in South-East Asia, Europe and South America, they can have a stable market share. This kind of co-optation consolidates both our market position and their sales volume. In some cases, we are the sole representative of them in certain market.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all the friends around the world who have given great support to our development in many years. We will always adhere to our honesty to develop with them.



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